Village Voice

As Port Sunlight Village Trust, we want residents to be actively engaged in the work we do. We want to listen to you, involve you and use your feedback to help shape and improve our services. That’s where the Village Voice comes in.

The Village Voice is the result of our resident engagement strategy, launched in spring 2024. The strategy was created in consultation with a range of residents, both owners/occupiers and PSVT tenants, as well as the Port Sunlight Village Residents Association.

This was in response to concerns from some residents that they weren’t engaged enough in the work we do or incorporated into decision making processes.

How you can get involved

Be part of the Village Voice Portal

To increase the volume and diversity of residents who want to have their say, we have created the Village Voice Portal, an informal collective of residents who will be called upon each month to give their views and feedback on specific issues from the comfort of their own homes. It’s your chance to feed in your views on specific issues through regular surveys by email, WhatsApp and other ways if needed.

Surveys will be shared around the middle of each month. There may be additional surveys issued alongside this.

Join an Advisory Group

You’re invited to join one of our new advisory groups, giving you the opportunity to be involved in key strategic areas of our work, which residents have said they would like to be more involved in.

Tenants Advisory Group

Dealing with specific issues only relevant PSVT’s tenants, such as rents, repairs and service standards.

Heritage Advisory Group

Supporting the delivery of specific heritage projects such as improvements to monuments like the Boating Pond, non-residential or community buildings and our visitor offer.

Landscape Advisory Group

Overseeing the grounds maintenance activity in the village and supporting volunteer activity in this area.

Heritage Homes Advisory Group

Covering issues related to the upkeep and maintenance of individual homes such as information on appropriate contractors and how to undertake home improvements on listed buildings.

Community Development Advisory Group

Shaping a new approach to the delivery of community development activities in the village, facilitating the community to deliver and increasing external investment into activities.

What will each advisory group do?

Each advisory group will have a nominated PSVT Board member to champion and a lead member of PSVT staff to oversee it. There will be terms of reference and ‘job descriptions’, and an expectation that each group will undertake two village walkabouts per year as well as explore funding and inward investment opportunities.