Hosting Events

Thinking of holding an event?

Residents and village businesses are welcome to hold community events in Port Sunlight as long as they have secured the permission of the landowner and discussed their event with PSVT. This does not include private events held in your own property, front garden or rear garden/yard, which are held at your own discretion. However, we would ask you to show consideration to your neighbours!

By community event, we mean a free or charging event, held in a public space or building.

The event might be for other Port Sunlight residents, members of the local community, or to attract visitors to the village. Examples include street parties, car boot sales, fairs, festivals, and outdoor theatre, but this does not present an exhaustive list. If it’s a commercial event not intended to raise funds for a charity or local good cause, you may be charged for use of the land. This is at the land owners discretion.

If you are considering a community event in Port Sunlight the best thing to do is to contact PSVT’s events team by email to [email protected] as soon as possible for an informal chat. Alternatively you can complete the notification form and email it to our events team or hand it in to the Trust’s offices at 23 King George’s Drive.

Our events team be able to advise and support you regarding how to secure permission to use the land, whether you need road closures, food safety certificates and insurance, and how to advertise in the village. Be advised that PSVT requires at least 8 weeks’ notice of any intention to stage a community event in Port Sunlight.