Let’s Talk update: Join us for open meetings in March

Let’s Talk update: Join us for open meetings in March


In 2023, PSVT asked consultants Paul Kelly and Catherine Simmons to develop the first Resident Engagement Strategy for the organisation. Over the autumn, they undertook a survey of village residents and held workshops to gather people’s views on how they would like to be involved in the work of PSVT. Draft proposals were then developed which were tested out with residents at a couple of further workshops, and discussions were also held with the committee of the Port Sunlight Residents Association.

What’s new?

A draft resident engagement strategy has now been produced and discussed with the PSVT Board in January. Catherine and Paul would like to now share their exciting proposals to change how PSVT involves village residents in the work it delivers.

Open meetings

Before the final strategy is approved for implementation by the PSVT Board in March, Catherine and Paul are holding two open public meetings to share the opportunities PSVT want to implement to involve residents in the work of the organisation. These will take place on:

  • Monday 4th March, 6pm, in the Church Hall, Bridge Street
  • Tuesday 5th March, 2pm, in the Church Hall, Bridge Street

The new chair of PSVT, Andrew Bowden, will attend the Monday evening session. Director of Operations Lin Whalley will also attend both meetings.

Register to attend

Please let us know if you can attend by either ringing the Port Sunlight Village Trust Office on 0151 644 4800 or emailing [email protected]

The open meetings will be advertised via PSVT’s social media and in the spring edition of the Gazette, but please do share this information with your neighbours too so that they can join in.