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Museum-led workshops

Museum-led workshops covering many parts of the curriculum take place in The Old School Room at the Lyceum building which is a 10 minute walk from Port Sunlight Museum. Each workshop, led by the Learning Officer, can accommodate a maximum of 32 pupils or students, with each lasting around 45 minutes. Each workshop costs £45. Choose from the following:

Then and Now (KS1 – History)

Using a selection of handling objects pupils become historical detectives. They investigate how the objects were used, what they were made from, who might have used them and if we use anything similar today.

Victorian washday (EY, KS1 – History)

Join our Victorian washerwoman and help her with washday in this character-led hands-on session. Discover different washday objects, how washday has changed over the centuries, and dress the pupils in washday outfits.

Port Sunlight – A local history study (KS1 & 2 – History)

Through handling and discussion pupils explore what it was like to live and work in Port Sunlight during the Victorian era.

Home Front (KS2 – History)

Discover, through handling objects and activities, what life was like for people in Port Sunlight during World War 2 and the difficulties they faced.

Port Sunlight Garden Village (KS2 – Geography)

Why did Lever choose marshland by the Mersey to build Port Sunlight? How did Port Sunlight contrast with neighbouring areas? Maps, photographic evidence and discussion help reveal the answers.

Travel and Tourism GCSE, GNVQ, AVCE

This hands-on workshop considers the museum as a visitor and heritage attraction. The focus can be tailored to meet your requirements, eg marketing or customer service. Students will have the opportunity to meet and question industry professionals.