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Museum-led workshops

Museum-led workshops covering many parts of the curriculum take place in The Old School Room at the Lyceum building which is a 10 minute walk from Port Sunlight Museum. Each workshop, led by the Learning Officer, can accommodate a maximum of 32 pupils or students, with each lasting around 45 minutes. Each workshop costs £45. Choose from the following:

Victorian Laundry (EY, KS1 – History)

Get ready for washday and help out with the scrubbing board and dolly tub in this character-led hands-on session. Discover all the equipment for the job, from the posser to the flat iron, not forgetting Sunlight soap of course!  Try some washday outfits too.

Port Sunlight – A local history study (KS1 & 2 – History)

Through handling and discussion pupils explore what it was like to live and work in Port Sunlight during the Victorian era.

Home Front WW2 (KS2 – History)

Discover, through handling objects and activities, what life was like for people in Port Sunlight during the Second World War and the difficulties they faced.

Port Sunlight Garden Village (KS2 – Geography)

Why did William Lever choose marshland by the Mersey to build Port Sunlight? How did Port Sunlight contrast with neighbouring areas? Maps, photographic evidence and discussion help reveal the answers.