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Heritage and Conservation rates highly in Port Sunlight Village

Port Sunlight Village Trust is a registered charity Number 1074713 set up by Unilever in 1999. The Trust manages Port Sunlight Museum, all of the green spaces in Port Sunlight, some 250 houses and 8 principal buildings (see Management of the Village for more details.)

The Trust now operates under the registered trademark Port Sunlight Museum & Garden Village. The whole village is a conservation area with virtually every building within it Grade II listed (see Conservation for more details).

The Trust’s mission is to: –

  • Preserve and maintain the Port Sunlight Conservation Area its character, amenities, architectural and constructional heritage of buildings and open spaces or otherwise that are of beauty, architectural or constructional interest.
  • Promote understanding of the ideas underlying the foundation and development of the Port Sunlight Conservation Area, their social and economic context and their relevance to issues in the modern world.

The Trust is governed by a group of eight voluntary Trustees supported by a professional staff team led by a Chief Executive (see Governance Structure for more information).

With the financial assistance of English Heritage, the Trust commissioned a Conservation & Management Plan which has been completed and is now in the process of being implemented (see Conservation).

Further information about the formation of the Trust and its activities is given in the pages linked here.