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Why is my house Designated?

Designation is the term given to the practice of listing buildings, scheduling monuments, registering parks and gardens etc. It is more commonly referred to as Listing, and allows us to highlight what is significant about a building or site, and to make sure that any future changes to it do not result in the loss of its significance.

In Port Sunlight village, there are three tiers of protection: statutory listing, conservation area designation and restrictive covenants. In 1965 the Department for Media, Sport and Culture listed nearly all of the houses and all of the public buildings in Port Sunlight village at Grade II, and in 1978 the council designated all of Port Sunlight village as a conservation area. Additionally, all of the houses are subject to restrictive covenants, signed to ensure the character and residential quality of the village are maintained.

Basically, this means that as a resident you have a responsibility to preserve the important features of your home. We can help you to do that.