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Advantages & restrictions

The obvious advantage to living in a Designated building in Port Sunlight is that you live in a unique and beautiful home, surrounded by other unique, beautiful homes, and that will hopefully stay that way.

However, there are tight restrictions covering alterations and additions to buildings. Planning applications in Conservation Areas need to conform not only to the Council’s planning policies but also need to take account of the comments and recommendations in the Appraisal and Management Plan for each individual area. In addition any work on trees in Conservation Areas, from pruning to felling, requires six weeks’ prior notice, given in writing to the Council. Some of the trees in the village are covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) which will need consent from the Council before carrying out any work. To find out if a tree is covered by a TPO please contact the Tree Officer at Wirral Council, erikbowman@wirral.gov.uk.

What does this mean?

Listed buildings in Port Sunlight may not be demolished, extended or altered without Listed Building Consent from Wirral Borough Council’s planning department.

Listed Building Consent is written permission from the local planning authority (in our case Wirral Borough Council) for the demolition of a listed building or the carrying out of any works for the alteration or extension of a listed building in any manner that would affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest. Failure to obtain consent when it is needed may be a criminal offence.

Listing restrictions protect the front, sides and rear of the property as well as the interior, associated outbuildings, boundary walls and other garden features. Consultation with Historic England is not typically required.