Schools & Education Visits

Education at Port Sunlight Museum’s Learning Centre

Come and join us in our purpose-built Learning Centre where we offer a wide range of hands-on workshops. Learn about life from the present and the past plus you can meet costumed characters from our history in the Village.

There are three main options for visiting Schools & Education groups:

Self-guided visits – This option allows you to structure your own visit to Port Sunlight Museum & Garden Village. Activity trails can be provided if booked in advance. The cost is either £2 per pupil for Education group admission to Port Sunlight Museum or £35 for each group of 32 pupils or students. Activity trails are 10p each or free to groups visiting Port Sunlight Museum.

Museum led workshops – Museum-led workshops take place in the Learning Centre. Each workshop, led by the Learning Officer, can accommodate a maximum of 32 pupils or students and lasts approx. 45 minutes. Cost – each workshop costs £35. See our Press Centre for more details!

Tour of Port Sunlight Village – Groups can follow our self-guided trail around the village or we can arrange for one of our guides to: Join you on your coach and lead you on a tour of the village. Your coach must be fitted with a microphone for this type of tour. The tour takes approx 1 hour and costs £50 (payable in advance).Or,lead you on a walking tour of the village. It is only practical for each guide to lead a maximum of 15 pupils or students plus adult helpers. Each tour lasts approx. 1 hour and costs £50 (payable in advance). See our Press Centre for details of our

Whole day visits

Whilst you are visiting Port Sunlight Museum you may wish to combine this with a visit to Port Sunlight Garden Village.

An itinerary can be worked out for you in this case, if it is a group of 32 pupils, they can have a museum-led workshop in the morning and a trail around the Garden Village after lunch.